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The IT Manager Zynga to the world

Zynga is here.At the end of 2011 7 ,ralph lauren,the first major social game developer Facebook Zynga and Tencent announced, social game CityVille Chinese version of star beautiful city the official landing Tencent open platform .
In last year domestic social gaming company and Pedro and founded Zynga China branch ,the company with 4 years of time only a social game Big Mac ,finally launched the first in China products ,to the world gaming market announced his arrival .
From Zynga to Zynga in China Zynga China resident in Beijing ,Zynga is not in the United States headquarters in San Francisco that momentum is pressing :from the airport to San Francisco on Highway 101 near conspicuous Zynga billboard ,without do not tell people ,this to a bulldog named game company Masamori the limelight .
In Beijing, Zynga office locations not in China IT guest on the Shangdi or the Zhongguancun region, but in the street near an office building .In the office ,Zynga China continuation of the Zynga global style :open office environment ,be riotous with colour the wall arrangement ,of course ,and everywhere the company called Zynga logo :Red bulldog ,with plush toys or notebook ,cloth pattern in the form of existence .
At present, our most important task is to do good star city . Zynga China area general manager Da Yukichi ( Andy Tian ) .Andy worked for Google China ,as China entered the Google employee ,responsible for the wireless business strategy, before this ,he had created and co-founded the 2 Internet Co .
Last year, he founded in 2008 social gaming company was acquired by Zynga Chipede ,he became the general manager of Zynga China division .At present, in Zynga China, more than 100 employees ,is still to R & D personnel, described in Andy ,Zynga China main task is the development of localization .
Star City is so good .The domestic game player and foreign game player is there are a number of different .For example ,because home has a lot of games ,a game of heat may not be very high ,herd mentality is quite obvious .
In the game design, we added a lot of localization elements ,such as the July 7th day in the game ,we added the element ,in some city architectural design, also joined the many Chinese elements .
As of Zynga global branch, China will bear the Zynga Zynga Pathfinder ,pioneering role .However ,Zynga China will influence the extent of Zynga global decision ,Zynga China with a large degree of autonomy ,or have not clear problem .
On the Chinese team power,polo ralph lauren, mean in Chinese market ,Zynga to see themselves in the market place .In the eyes of many ,compared to the Facebook ,the Zynga of fast-growing social network platform ,mercurial vapor,Zynga to enter the Chinese market to more easily and pure :sitting on Zynga and product development capabilities ,which find their positions ,,focus to make suitable for Chinese users of the social game .
But in China ,find their own market position ,and it is not an easy thing .First of all ,the Zynga in the United States and Asia outside of the international market where ?It actually fills the Europe region in EA ,Blizzard and other professional game company ,relying on the SNS website emerge as the times require simple game blank .
This also explains before Zynga in the Japanese market little success reasons : the Japanese market this gap ,has deep local market in Japan for many years by the domestic manufacturers to develop fill -- Zynga Japan studio was closed in August 2nd in the social platform Mixi on the first and second games in FarmVillage and Treasure Island ,allegedly ,polo ralph lauren pas cher,this two game users were only 114000 and 21000 .
Then ,in China ,the gap exists ?It launched the game product types ,with the type of company in China as early as there exists, and the scale of the company and the domestic routes ,there still exist the blank .
In China, there are two kinds of social gaming company ,louboutin,is a strong dependence on Tencent ,Renren ( micro-blog ) platform for the social gaming company ,for example, has introduced the farm series game ,let swept the country five minutes ,also, is for foreign social networking platform game developers ,such as Le element .
While the Zynga has a huge database support ,and social networking sites in the game is not completely outplayed large social game manufacturers ,home has not appeared .But even if Zynga has such conditions and strength ,the Chinese area development is still relatively cautious .
Andy told reporters ,Zynga China currently main task is to build team, from the industry and business, is put Tencent platform on the Star City to do good ,mainly to research and development ,not eager to expand their business .
And Farmville and Texas Hold em Poker ( Dezhou poker ) in Facebook Chinese edition is different, localized version of CityVille Zynga Cityville ( star beautiful city ) is the Chinese talent localization development of Tencent ,direct and open platform for cooperation .
Tencent open platform is related the personnel to tell reporter ,at present, star beautiful city by Zynga responsible for the development, by Tencent to operation and provide platform and APP Console solutions ,and most of the same social game ,abercrombie france, star beautiful city also uses free + purchase props mode .
Zynga told Chnga for each company to enter the Chinese market the foreign Internet Co ,people are not afraid of the bad results that it may face the policy constraints and user consumption habits of the climate does not suit one.
,moreover ,domestic Internet fast imitate the ability of these Internet Co concerns .However ,ray ban,in this social game field,ralph lauren pas cher, in the Chinese market ,for trying to imitate ,follow the Chnga who, mimicking Zynga is not easy .
Zynga has the talent, in their process of internationalization has been highlighted .First of all ,Zynga gift is not creative ,mercurial vapor pas cher,but that creative based on the fast development ,fast execution .
In fact ,in the Zynga now launched nearly 60 social game ,best known for Mafia Wars , FarmVille , Caf

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Xiamen this year first high-temperature orange signal warning th

My first year in high temperature orange signal warning yesterday, today and tomorrow is expected maximum temperature 35 ? -37 ? Island,mercurial vapor, off the island of 36 ? -38 ? Xiamen Net - Xiamen daily news (micro-blog) (Gong ran its Xiang) yesterday afternoon out must be a chore, because the weather is too hot! However yesterday's high temperature is only the beginning, city meteorological station yesterday issued heat orange signal warning signal,louboutin pas cher, which means that the next three days,mercurial vapor pas cher, the weather will be hot,mercurial! Yesterday evening, in a roundabout way of beach, a child unable to hold oneself back towards the sea.
Chang Haijun was in a stable pressure control,louboutin, which yesterday sky sunny, no clouds obscured, sun baked the earth, the temperature rising, the night morning minimum temperature of 26 ? to 27 ?, the afternoon high temperature reached 35 ? in most areas, coastal area slightly low point; the interior is more high, most areas in 36 ?,, local and even reached 37 ?.
Air humidity changes in humidity, sooner or later, at around 85%, afternoon all the way down to only 47%.Many readers call asked, last week's weather is good, clouds and clouds is very beautiful, what reason is this? Oh, the weather had lasted for more than 10 days, the subtropical high be in fashion in one's time, along with the blue sky, sunny.
However, last week's low level atmospheric relative moisture,mercurial vapor, vapor, clouds thickened; and that more than 10 days, although there is no typhoon or tropical storm to affect Xiamen, but the South China Sea tropical clouds from 5 onwards northward near, it brings the warm, also makes the sky cloud increases slightly, localised showers or thundershowers easy morning or afternoon appeared.
Expected, today and tomorrow, which is still in the subtropical high pressure control, will continue this sunny and hot weather, therefore,supra shoes, the city meteorological station yesterday evening was released this year the city's first high temperature orange signal warning signal.
The report says,abercrombie france, predict 10 days -11 days the city will still appear high temperature weather, the island's afternoon maximum temperature up to 35 ? -37 ?, the island at maximum temperature up to 36 ? -38 ?.
Therefore, please try to avoid the high temperature period of outdoor work and activities,abercrombie, in or high temperature conditions of outdoor workers should take the necessary protective measures; pay attention to the prevention of excessive power consumption due to, wires, transformers and other electrical equipment load caused by large fires.
If outside,polo ralph lauren pas cher, to sun do the work carefully, add more water.12, with the weakening of subtropical high, South airflow strengthening, the sky clouds are increased slightly, in this way,ralph lauren, the sun is not so fierce, the temperature decreased slightly, but the decline range is limited, the highest temperature is 34 ?; night morning minimum temperature at about 27 ?, still want to do the sunstroke prevention.


and strive to build a resource-saving

Civilian police from men pants pocket to find a wallet, the package has a train ticket from Chongqing to Sichuan, as well as an identity card.After verification, the man surnamed Li, is Sichuan Province District Dazhou West Town, 37 years old this year.

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Huian one in class-break setting-up exercise rabbit dance studen

Huian one in more than 3000 high school students, class-break setting-up exercise dance rabbit dance southeast Network - strait Metropolis Daily Taiwanese edition February 15th dispatch (reporter Chen Shao Huang Jin / map) time: yesterday morning place: Huian in one event: Recently, domestic some large frequency website throughout most "ox" class-break setting-up exercise,mercurial, among them "Huian rabbit dance class-break setting-up exercise" on the list, have been hundreds of thousands of people click.
Yesterday morning, reporters came to the Huian in the.About 9 pm,polo ralph lauren pas cher, in the teacher's command, the students quickly came to the playground, neatly lined up, wearing red uniforms to more than 3000 students, a time will be the playground into the red sea.
Music sounded,mercurial vapor, the students began to kick, right kick left,ray ban, after jumping.Nearly 10 minutes after exercise, many students face red, sweating.If someone ask who the most reluctant to do class-break setting-up exercise, then it must surely be "senior".
A king of the vice principal said,abercrombie france, "they always feel more mature, study pressure and heavier,louboutin, so don't love exercise", but did not expect, rabbit dance into the class-break setting-up exercise,ralph lauren, but they dance the best, most vigorously.
"A little tired, but it jump,supra shoes, very happy", a second year in high school of the girls said, before the school to rabbit dance, she felt a little weird.Now thousands of students to jump together, sometimes the teacher will join, "the feeling is very good".
It is reported, the rabbit dance not jump every day, except Monday flag-raising ceremony,ralph lauren pas cher, Tuesday to five four days a week,abercrombie, respectively, will broadcast gymnastics, rabbit dance, 1000 meters of jogging and other projects.
And former students in order to avoid the class-break setting-up exercise, will go to the canteen to hide, now don't worry about this phenomenon.Principal Cai Guoxiong, the school has always attached great importance to the reform of content of class-break setting-up exercise.
Gym class, will teach rabbit dance,mercurial vapor, waltz, Mulan Boxing, Mulan fans and other content, the school was also started arranging a fusion of tai chi moves the fuck, "when the time comes,, we class-break setting-up exercise a day on Friday, the content is different, the students will feel more fresh".



Civilian police from men pants pocket to find a wallet, the package has a train ticket from Chongqing to Sichuan, as well as an identity card.After verification, the man surnamed Li, is Sichuan Province District Dazhou West Town, 37 years old this year.

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China Railway special cargo to transport Xinjiang grape

The Beijing October 6 report (reporter Li Jin) Xinjiang grape transport to "3 farming" problem and national policy issue,supra shoes, but also China Railway special cargo transport limited liability companies over the years of key transportation task.
This coincides with the Xinjiang grape harvest season,abercrombie france, grape transportation in railway refrigerated transport transport peak season, more prominent contradictions.China Railway special cargo company in the Ministry of railway transport agency support and the Urumqi Railway Bureau,ralph lauren, Guangzhou Railway (Group) company, Nanning Railway Bureau cooperate, careful deploy,louboutin pas cher, elaborate organization,ralph lauren pas cher, ensure that the "four place": ensure leadership in place,mercurial, to send the company to lead Xinjiang to guide the work; ensure the vehicle allocation in place, the largest meet grape transport demand; ensure the transportation organization in place, set the whole person on grape transportation, improve transport vehicle loading and unloading limitation; ensure orderly place,ray ban, urging the owner promptly unloading, accelerate the turnover of vehicles.
Through unremitting efforts,abercrombie, this year the Xinjiang grape transport work to obtain level sex positive result.To the end of 9, China Railway special cargo Send common Xinjiang grape 55000 tons,polo ralph lauren pas cher, grow 67% compared to the same period,mercurial vapor, the national day,, Mid-Autumn Festival period, guarantee market supply,polo ralph lauren, by the majority of farmers generally welcomed.


Chen Yiji also agreed to pay for the money

Civilian police from men pants pocket to find a wallet, the package has a train ticket from Chongqing to Sichuan, as well as an identity card.After verification, the man surnamed Li, is Sichuan Province District Dazhou West Town, 37 years old this year.

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Tellers mouthing Jin Zhuang and graceful marriage that Shao Xin

Jin Zhuang in the program to comfort Ting Ting Shao Xin alleged stock, profit that reaches as high as 800000000 yuan, a few days ago by prosecutors yesterday interviews, Shao Xin was with his wife Ting Ting transit "happy talk" in the video,abercrombie france, the temporary withdrawal notice.
Ting Ting emphasizes believe that Shao Xin "only by account to a friend", was asked if being joint criminal liability, Tingting said: "I would support him."I want to know whether Shao Xin was a lawsuit ride, tellers, Meng predicted Shao Xin to successfully solve "difficult", even though no jail,ralph lauren, still have to pay a lot of money and fear that dragged on for a long time, and even claimed that Shao Xin's "mistress" in next year, Tingting heard on the spot.
In the village said did not know that Shao Xin is involved in stock Jinyou lawsuits, said Gao Lingfeng after husband had in stock and fund lost millions of dollars, thus prohibiting he reinvested, said: "he (Gao Lingfeng) is not really suitable for high, buy low,supra shoes, sell, plus heart is not strong enough, don't let him play.
"Tingting and Shao Xin, Gao Lingfeng and Jin Zhuang two couples had to make divorce, now appears to be calm, but Tintin, Jin Zhuang October 31st transit "happy talk" by Tarot teacher, Meng site lottery,lunettes ray ban, from past lives, break the two mask of illusion of conjugal love of husband and wife, he said from a card display, Tintin, Shao Xin will get a divorce, Shao Xin next year has an affair,ray ban, the other Jinyou village such as a divorce from Gao Lingfeng, get alimony, but not from the Jin Zhuang may also schizophrenia.
Shao Xin and I are separated, two people recently tongue and after, each program for invites two people to fit, but Shao Xintu's involvement in the stock market turmoil, circular full refund, Tingting said that he, this time with him,mercurial vapor, but Shao Xinxian and the woman is calculated are ambiguous, next year affair, Tingting said not to care, care more about leaving after him, his career would be better?Meng said, leave better to you,polo ralph lauren pas cher, or sooner or later by Shao Xin drag.
Meng said, Tingting is preexistence man, is not only an affair,mercurial vapor, will play Shao Xin,, son of the previous is not his mother-in-law, Tintin never take care of her mother-in-law, life need care son.The other said,mercurial vapor, Gao Lingfeng lives in eight industry, is the father of her Jin Zhuang,mercurial, controlling, Jinyou village life under his mental torture to escape, this life is, Jin Zhuang nod like Dao garlic said: "really good.
"Statement: China entertainment network publish this article for more information transmission purposes,ralph lauren pas cher, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.In this paper, the copyright

In late December 24th 30 to 7 point zero


We will make persistent efforts, elaborate organization in 2010 quality management system continuous improvement, and constantly improve enterprise management level, to the general public to provide more excellent rail passenger transport service.

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